We all know that they are many different common ways we can find coupons and discounts to generate extra savings on all the things we buy regularly. Some ways are the usual methods we are all familiar with. Like getting coupons and discounts from newspapers, magazines, online, from stores (in store fronts and inside), on mobile phones and through websites that collate so many coupons for customers to access. At times, it can be so challenging getting coupons. But we need to exhaust all options by using both common and unconventional ways. You can find coupons and discounts through the following unconventional methods-

Virtual haggling happens when you abandon your shopping cart without making any payment for the items when shopping online. Shoppers use this trick to attract retailers into giving them a coupon or discount as an incentive into completing the purchase.

The retailer’s action might be an immediate response or responding at some few days later. A lot of customers use this method, while also retailers are sending out coupons and discounts to entice these customers.

Some stores like Levi, Home Depot, and Think Geek have used this system to entice their customers when they abandon their shopping carts. So there is always something to gain when you abandon your shopping cart.